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            Logo TU Ilmenau

            Contact Person

            Robert Heldt

            Phone +49 3677 692539

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            Welcome Center

            Photo: TU Ilmenau

            You are planning an international exchange in Ilmenau for your doctoral thesis or for your career as a researcher? The Welcome Center offers much information and supports you in planning your stay in Ilmenau. Here you find information on the preparation of your stay or on the arrival. Also useful hints are given for the first weeks in Ilmenau. If you have specific questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us. We wish you a pleasant stay in Ilmenau!

            The University

            photo: TU Ilmenau

            Getting prepared

            photo: Sebastian Trepisch


            photo: Büro Service Center Niederwillingen


            photo: Siebert

            Life in Ilmenau

            photo: Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau

            Ilmenau with Family

            photo: Stadtverwaltung Ilmenau

            Financial Assistance

            Foto: Uwe Schlick / pixelio.de

            Contact Persons

            photo: Marco Frezzella

            Emergency & Doctors

            photo: Gerd Altmann / pixelio.de
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