Research in Computer & Systems Engineering (M.Sc.)


Master of Science

none | individual acceptance

4 semester

1. Oktober



Bachelor's degree in a similar field



The aim of the master program Research in Computer & Systems Engineering is to educate students qualified for academical and industrial research in these fields. This requires profound knowledge in computer science, automation, and further engineering disciplines as application domain. Therefore, students are trained both to obtain methodical competences as well as abilities for independent research work. The Master of Science is a non-consecutive, research-oriented program and is based on a bachelor's degree in computer science, technical computer science, computer engineering, and optionally other professional experiences. Due to the strong research orientation of the program and the goal of preparing students for a research career in international labs and companies the program is offered in english only.


Fields of Study

21 %
Basic Studies (e.g. Algorithms, Control Engineering, Information Systems, Software & Systems Engineering, Advanced Mobile Communication Networks)
17 %
Advanced Studies (e.g. Advanced Database Systems, Cellular Communication Systems, Complex Embedded Systems, System Identification, Systems Optimization, Systems Security)
4 %
Lab Training
25 %
Individual Studies (e.g. Research Seminar and Project, Group Studies)
8 %
Soft Skills & Language Training
25 %
Master thesis

fields of activity

  • Research and development for modern software-intensive systems

  • Research in system design for mobile communication and information systems

  • Design and development for software systems in manufacturing, process control, robotics, medicine, and automotive engineering

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